From Pauline Martin to her mother Mme Martin - October 31, 1876.

From Pauline Martin to her mother Mme Martin - October 31, 1876.

                                                                       31st October 1876

                  Beloved Mother

            I received your letter at the end of the Noon recreation and Sister Marie Louise de Gonzague (Sister Marie-Louise de Gonzague Vétillart) was kind enough to allow me to reply straight away. It gives me great pleasure to be able to speak to you a little today, dear Mother, because if your affection for me is great, mine is beyond expression as well. I see that you very much hope to have some positive news about Aunt’s health. She really is better than the first days of term, but I don’t understand [1v°] her illness very well. One minute Aunt is better, the next she is a bit worse. It’s a continual coming and going, but nevertheless I like to hope that God will leave her with us for a while longer. On Sunday she said to me she was convinced that her life was not over for several reasons, the first being that she doesn’t find she is saintly enough. I don’t know the others, but they must be similar!... And yet, how good dear Aunt is… it is such sweet delight for me to see her so often. On Thursdays and Sundays she keeps me for half an hour and every day at Mass, (God doesn’t mind this) I look to see if she’s in the gallery. I take the same liberty at the beginning and end of the Mass, and it satisfies me for the whole day. [2 r°] So rest assured dear Mother, your little daughter is happy… but she would be even happier if God answered her prayer! However, like you, I want to obey the will of God. He knows better than us what should bring us happiness and even if this happiness is not given to us on earth, it’s of course because it is being reserved for us in heaven!

Goodbye beloved Mother, please be good enough to give my love to Papa, Marie, my little sisters and our dear Louise…

Your respectful and obedient little daughter


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