From Pauline to her mother - May 30, 1877.

From Pauline to her mother. 30th May 1877.

Visitation 30th May 1877

Dear Mother

I am taking advantage of an opportunity that has just arisen to write to you, I am so happy to be able to be with you for a few moments before the long-awaited day when we see each other again.

Your letter brought me extreme pleasure, oh, if only you knew darling Mother, how delighted I am to go to Lourdes! It’s not about having the pleasure of travelling or seeing the country, oh no, I don’t feel like bothering [1v°] about that! When there is such a great grace to obtain, one only thinks of praying with all one’s soul so that it be granted. I hope dear Mother that your suffering has not grown any worse. That is the only thing that’s bothering me at the moment because for a while now I’ve been feeling infinitely confident that we will obtain the miracle and the closer the pilgrimage draws, the more I hope.

In the meantime I pray to the bl. Virgin with all my heart. I gave your message to Sister Marie Gertrude (Sister Marie-Gertrude Bigot), she promised me she would offer an intention for you in all her prayers.

So here we are at the end of the lovely month of Mary, I would be hurt if the month of June didn’t offer me many graces and immense graces at that!!!

In the meantime I will use the two remaining days of the month of May as best I can.

[2 v°] Darling Mother, I am happy to be able to tell you that I have been feeling better these last few days, I hope that soon I’ll have recovered completely. But with all this hoping I fear I’ll be hoping for a long time yet!

All my classmates are really charming, they heard from me that you were ill (though without knowing what you have) they say prayers and novenas which is deeply touching. Marie-Thérèse, Louise Gasse and Louise Gandais are the most ardent they are really intent on obtaining the miracle and have promised me they’ll pray a great deal while we’re in Lourdes.

Goodbye dear Mother, accept a thousand tender kisses from your darling little daughter,

Pauline Child of Mary

P. S. Please dear Mother give my love to Papa, my little sisters and Louise.

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