From Pauline to her mother - February 24, 1877

From Pauline to her mother. 24th February 1877

Dear Mother, 24th February 1877

Alas, the sad moment had arrived; it is sad for all of us, but happy for her… O dear Aunt, now that you are in Heaven pray for us who are in tears!...

Be-Loved Mother how painful this loss is for my heart, but don’t worry about me. I have so many consolations here… I’m more fortunate than all of you, I’m going to have the joy of seeing her again!... Our good Mother, my dear Teachers, oh, if only you knew how good they are to me. (1 v°) I would like to prove my gratitude to them, my love is not enough, so I task dear Aunt, my second good Angel, to repay them, for now I can imagine her in Heaven in the beautiful paradise about which we here below only have a vague idea; she is watching us from on high and has her hands filled with graces which she will impart on us. It’s only the certainty she is happy that consoles me, God wanted to remove her from this life of suffering and place her near Him forever, should we not be thanking him? Well yes God I thank you, you know much better than us how to direct all things, and now more than ever she whom we have lost and who we miss so deeply, will be our protector, will help us travel through life and die with your grace until the day when we shall all be reunited! What (…)

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