From Pauline to her mother - January 28, 1877.

From Pauline to her mother. 28th January 1877.

Dear Mother,

I was very pleased to receive your long letter, but I was surprised I didn’t receive one from Marie; I hope she will write next time. Today I’m not going to have time to write to her so please dear Mother tell her I will send her letters more rarely; it’s Aunt who wants it so.

Sister Marie-Louise de Gonzague revealed her secret to me at last. It’s definite that I’ll be accepted as a Child of Mary on 2nd February. We have begun a novena (1v°) to prepare ourselves for it. Last night the new members attended the meeting which takes place every Saturday. Sister Louise de Gonzague read us the statutes of the association and the various duties to fulfill. It was very interesting and the good advice that was given to us encouraged fervour and a good attitude in all of us.

I often go and see Aunt in the mornings, she is no worse, but she grows weaker every day. I still continue to pray a great deal for her. The whole community and school are praying a novena, which will finish on 2nd February, to Father Claude de La Colombière to bring forward his beatification if he wants to work a miracle. I do hope that we will obtain it because we are praying the novena very fervently.

But Aunt is not all that happy about it and it’s understandable, she would much rather go and see God; in her place (2 r°) I would find it difficult to resign myself to recovering, but she is so holy that she generously submits herself to God for as long as he wants.

Monday is the feast day of Saint Francis de Sales and consequently that of all the nuns (however we are going to celebrate the proper feast day of Sister Marie de Sales today). Our Bishop (Mgr. d’Outremont) is going to preach this evening. I’m thrilled about this because everything he says is so wonderful that one never tires of listening to him.

Dear Mother, Aunt is not going to be able to write to you. It tires her too much. She has tasked me to reply to you on the subject of Léonie. She says she doesn’t know whether or not it is her vocation to become a nun any more than you do, and that in any case she isn’t intelligent enough to know it yet but God is All Powerful and if this is what he wants, he will be able to sort out her (2 v°) intelligence and call her to him.

Goodbye dear Mother, accept a thousand tender and affectionate kisses.

From your darling little daughter,


(P. S.) please darling Mother be good enough to give lots of kisses to papa for me and to tell Marie that I’m sorry I can’t write to her, but that it’s impossible for me to do so today, however that doesn’t stop me from thinking about her a great deal and from loving her with all my heart, as well as Léonie, the babies and my dear little Louise.

I would really like to know if my Aunt in Lisieux received the two little emblems that I sent for Jeanne and Marie, and if they are pleased with them.

28th January 1877

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