From Pauline to her parents Louis and Zélie - October 17, 1875.

From Pauline to her parents Louis and Zélie - October 17, 1875.

17th October 1875

Dear parents,

So here I am back at the Visitation alone, it seems a bit dull not being with Marie and not seeing you, but Sister Marie de Sales (Sister Marie-Françoise de Sales) and dear Aunt are so good to me that it helps me forget the separation a bit, which doesn’t prevent me from thinking of you often because I love you so much! Darling Mother if only you knew how much I love you, I would so like to hug you, just in the morning and evening and Papa too, I would be very happy if I had just a minute a day to tell you about my little troubles. I have been very pleased these last two days; two letters in the same week! Oh, what pleasure it brought me! If only you knew, Mother, how happy I was, I reread your letters very often for you seem to love me so much that they do me good. I received the parcel you sent me, thank you very much. I would like to see Aunt today, it’s already late and I’m afraid she won’t see me, I was with her on Thursday, she still has a sore foot, poor Aunt can hardly walk. I hope however that she will recover but she doesn’t think she will.

It appears Thérèse is sick, this pains me, I’m still afraid of seeing her die, the grief I would feel is indescribable because I love my little baby so much. I hope Céline is well, she isn’t very strong either; her little letter brought me much pleasure.

[1v°] I often think of those infamous framing laths, I will never forget that incident, because it upset me too much, now I laugh about it, but during the holidays it was a different story. Sketching won’t begin until tomorrow because Sister Marie-Thérèse (Sister Marie-Thérèse de Vanssay (3/l/1849 ‑ 19/5/1921)) is on a retreat.

Dear parents I don’t want to forget to tell you that I want to be good this year, I will try to become a child of the Holy Angels soon (Pauline would be admitted on 25th December 1875) to please you as well as Aunt. I make lots of effort in my lessons, but I’m sure I won’t succeed, it pains me a lot because I blame myself for causing you grief, dear Mother and I can’t imagine that it doesn’t affect you. This morning I took Communion for the feast of Blessed Marguerite-Marie I prayed hard to God for you to be in less pain and never, never, never upset because I would much rather be upset than you! I would like you dear Mother not to stay up so late, I feel so sad when I go to bed thinking you aren’t resting.

I mustn’t forget to tell my dear parents that the sheets I was missing have all been found, they were at the Visitation.

Goodbye dear Parents, I send all my love to you as well as to my little sisters, Grandma (Mrs. Martin’s mother, who lived with her grandson Adolphe Leriche) my darling little Louise (Louise Marais) and all my family.

Your respectful little daughter


Post-scriptum by Sister Marie‑Dosithée:

[1r°tv] Dear little Marie, I am sorry not to have written to you today, I had so many things to tell you! I felt such a great need to open my heart up to you a bit! But in a fortnight I will make up for it! The wretched forms (membership forms for the Prayer Apostolate association) we are sending to your uncle are the cause for it. Please try not to forget them. Be faithful to your rule and your little meditation; I am so happy you have a devotion to the Sacred Heart. It will bring you happiness.

Pauline is very cheerful and very good, you don’t need to worry about her, I’ll take good care of her, besides she isn’t upset.

I send you all my love.

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