From Mother Marie de Chantal Fleuriot to Mrs. Martin - February 24, 1877.

From Mother Marie de Chantal Fleuriot to Mrs. Martin - 24th February 1877.

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From our Monastery of Le Mans,

24th February 1877.

Dear Madam,

After the last news we gave you concerning our beloved invalid, you can easily foresee what sacrifice we have come to announce to you today. It was at 7 o’clock this morning that the most edifying life of our dearest Sister Marie-Dosithée was concluded with a death worthy of envy.

Over the last two days, she grew considerably weaker, indicating that the end was near; a feeling of oppression and sort of perpetual anguish made our dear invalid suffer further, but she lost none of her peace or her perfect resignation, and increasingly felt the desire to see Our Lord. Just yesterday she had the consolation of receiving Viaticum, as well as several indulgences. Her presence of mind and her serenity [l v°] were admirable until the end.

We can say, dear Madam, that you and we have one more holy protector in heaven, or at least she will be there soon, we hope, for it would be difficult to imagine a more virtuous life having a more saintly end.

I had the consolation of attending your beloved sister up to the last; she had every help, every grace that you could possibly desire, and her faithful heart expressed again last night how grateful she was to the good Lord who had been so generous to her. Her agony was very mild and we can tell you that our dear Sister didn’t really experience a great deal of suffering. Tomorrow at ½ past midday we will take her to her last resting place, amid the regrets of our whole Community who was profoundly fond of her.

We broke the sad news to your good little Pauline this morning, dear Madam. The poor child was deeply affected by it, but her faith and piety gave her courage.

We are writing to Mr. Guérin, only kindly, Madam, inform [2 r°] the good Mothers at the Poor Clares of our joint sacrifice. They will unfailingly unite with us in our prayers for our dear deceased.

Allow us, dear Madam, to merge our sorrow with yours and assure you once more of our affection and the union of heart that will always exist between our two families, between whom our holy and beloved Sister will be the precious link in heaven.

I send, Madam, my religious and profound sympathy.

Yours most devotedly in Our Lord

Sr. Marie de Chantal Fleuriot

of the Visitation of Holy Mary

B. B. G.

This very night our beloved Sister, at our request, gave all of you her heart-felt blessing! Oh how hard she will pray for her two dear families whom she loved so tenderly!!

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