From Sr M. Louise de Gonzague Vétillart to Mrs. Martin - 19th February 1877.

From Sister M. Louise de Gonzague Vétillart to Mrs. Martin - 19th February 1877.

From our Monastery of Le Mans

19th February 77

Dear Madam,

These last two days our dear invalid has grown considerably weaker, and this morning she wasn’t able to get up to take Holy Communion. Our beloved Sister is in a state of weakness, oppression and anxiety which leads us to think that the end cannot be far off. She was most touched by your parcel, but she eats so little now that she only tasted it. She has asked us to convey her gratitude for this kind gesture which moved her deeply.

(1 v°) Do not worry about your little Pauline, dear Madam, she is sufficiently resigned to God’s will, and prepared for the sacrifice, so that when Our Lord asks it of her, we will surround her with all our affection and pious consolations, to try to ease it for her. As we find that her migraines have been more frequent recently, and know the extent to which she needs tonics, we have decided to make her take cod liver oil and cinchona wine, if you have no objection. I believe, dear Madam, that you are used to providing the wine; would you be kind enough to send us a little some time soon? Our dear bursar would be very grateful if at the same time you could send us six to eight dozen goose-wing feather dusters; you cannot buy them in Le Mans and our dear Sister Marie-Dosithée told us that in the square in Alençon there is an innkeeper who sells them. We would be most grateful for your further help, dear Madam, and we ask for it with upmost trust, knowing your heart, to which ours are also entirely devoted in Our Lord.

Sr. M. Louise de Gonzague Vétillart

of the Visit. of Holy Mary

B. B. G.

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