From Sister M. Louise de Gonzague Vétillart to Mrs. Martin - 31st December 1876.

From Sister M. Louise de Gonzague Vétillart to Mrs. Martin - 31st December 1876.

From our Monastery of Le Mans

31st December 76


As several of our pupils had little bouts of fever the three days preceding the end of school, the doctor advised us to prolong the holidays slightly. Term will therefore not begin until Monday 8th January. May little Pauline take advantage of these few days to rest and recover her strength, in order to continue her year well. Please, dear Madam, kindly tell her that we send her our tender love and that we will see her tomorrow morning in the Heart of Jesus where she will find grace and strength for the coming year.

Our very dear Sister Marie-Dosithée (1v°) is in exactly the same condition as when you saw her; she came down again this morning for Holy Mass where she took Communion; we saw her afterwards and asked her if she had any messages for Alençon. She asked me to send her most affectionate regards to you and all her family. She received, she said, a charming letter from her sister-in-law, full of affection and sentiments so Christian that our good Mother read it to the Community. She would be happy, Madam, if you could thank her on her behalf if you have the chance to send a letter to Lisieux. Little Jeanne asked her aunt to bless her and our dear Sister says she prays to the divine Heart of Jesus every day asking him to bless all her family and each member individually.

Pauline’s coat (2 r°), which was sent to Ballon by mistake, has come back here; we are very sorry for all these misunderstandings, dear Madam. Would you like us to send it to you? In that case we will wait for a little note from Pauline; otherwise we will keep it.

Please, Madam, kindly be assured of our affectionate dedication in Our Lord.

Sr. M. Louise de Gonzague Vétillart

of the Visit. of Holy Mary


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