From Sister Marie-Dosithée to Mrs. Martin, Marie and Pauline - September 20, 1872

From Sister Marie-Dosithée to Mrs. Martin, Marie and Pauline, 20th September 1872

…(2r°) fond of this method at all (According to the context, she is writing about a launderer in Le Mans, on whom Mrs. Martin relied to wash the clothes of her two boarding daughters) we had to bring her the washing and when we didn’t do so, it stayed at the entrance of the monastery. If I’d known this sooner I would not have allowed it to last for so long. Last winter, Marie had to keep the same shirt for a fortnight and when in the great heat of the month of July I was again told that Marie wouldn’t be able to change her shirt I could hardly accept this and I asked that she be given one of her nightshirts; our Sisters were kind enough to wash her shirt on the Saturday afternoon. So the launderer at the boarding school is happy to wash them (the linen that doesn’t need repairing, just like the other one and it will be much more convenient).    

And you, my dear little girls, you must be really pleased: 8 whole days more of holiday (the start of term which was due to be on the 2nd October was postponed to the 9th on account of repair work to the Boarding School); make the most of it and when you come back, you will work diligently. I was very pleased to receive your little letters, and yet I see that you still squabble. How wrong this is, my children! If you were willing, my poor Marie, this wouldn’t happen but you must admit that you don’t make enough effort to correct yourself; you are unable to suffer something without uttering some unpleasant remark or reporting everything [2v°]. This is not right. If you knew, my good little girl, how comforting it would be for me to see you wanting to correct yourself, you can do it if you want to, do it for my sake; soon my dear child my existence shall be over, and if you knew how short life really is, I can still see myself at the age you are now with my Father, Mother and sister who is now your mother, well it all seems like a dream and this dream shall soon end, alas even the longest lives are nothing more than that; perhaps my dear child you shall be called before me to account for your actions, so make sure they are good and if you do not work on correcting yourselves now that you are young, you won’t do it later.  

You asked me my dear little ones who your teachers were? They are the same. Only Sister M. Gertrude (Sister Marie-Gertrude Bigot (1838‑1919) has changed. You will have many more classmates this year. We shall be obliged to put them in a third dormitory.

Good Sr. Jeanne de Chantal has been very ill, she received the last sacraments, now she feels much better, but it is not thought she will be able to recover, she will be ill for a very long time. I send my love to you and your mother and the whole family.

Sr. M. Dosithée Guérin

Of the Von of Holy Mary


The former launderer will need to be paid; there was a washing bag which I think is hers, check that it’s not yours.

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