From Mother Marie de Gonzague to Fr. Roulland - July 30, 1896.


From Mother Marie de Gonzague to Fr. Roulland - 30th July 1896.

Dear child,

Man proposes and God disposes; I wanted to write you a long letter and then Jesus gives me a little affliction that prevents me from being able to write. Now I am an old rundown woman whose chest plays up from time to time (Mother Marie de Gonzague was prone to recurrent bronchitis) but I want to offer everything to win over the souls whom our dear apostle is going to evangelize. You have a very fervent assistant who is going to neglect nothing for the salvation of souls, the dear little one belongs entirely to God!...

We are alongside you; the ocean will not separate our souls.

If you go via Saigon do not forget the Carmel and tell the Rev. Mother Prioress and Sr. Anne of the Sacred Heart that our hearts remain with them (Fr. Roulland would later visit this Carmel).

Adieu in God, may we see you again in heaven, and may our souls be united on foreign soil,

Your old Mother

Sr. Marie de Gonzague