From Mother Marie de Gonzague to Fr. Roulland - November 11, 1897.

From Mother Marie de Gonzague to Fr. Roulland - November 11, 1897.  

 11th November 1897

       Dear Father and Child,

       I’ve been meaning to write to you for six weeks but each time the pen falls from my hand! I can’t tell you what effect the dear letter you wrote to our now-flown angel (dated 13th September 1897) had on my soul! The dear treasure left us on 30th September in a surge of love after three months of great suffering and several days of excruciating agony… Now, from the heights of heaven, she’s following you and obtaining you a great many graces. She never left you when on earth, through her sacrifices, works, and sufferings… She forgot everything for the sake of the souls whom you evangelise, just as she now intercedes for them and also her brother.

Judging by your letter, it seems you had a little intuition that she would soon depart for the Homeland. Your words at the end: [lv°] “see you again in heaven”, say so much! Will you not go to meet her soon, dear child? The weather seems to have taken its toll on you and, between the lines, it seems I can read: “I’m well, and yet I can’t fight a feeling of great weariness… The Bishop is going to call me back to him.” (Fr. Roulland would be nominated professor at the seminary of Cha-pin-pa in 1898, and called back to France in 1909 as superior at the seminary in Rue du Bac. in 1896. These were nominations he was dreading in 1896)… How happy I am to see you already have a beautiful crown of souls who will see God and enjoy eternal happiness! How beautiful your mission is, dear and pious child! My angel in heaven is greatly rejoicing in your work. Pray a little for us, for the hole that her absence has left is immense. You know we were founding great hopes on this soul… Heaven envied us her presence and earth was not worthy of keeping her any longer. Her desire for heaven was granted… She went three months without getting up! The dear victim had become a skeleton (Cf. CJ 20.9.2.), particularly from June onwards, when she began to cough up blood abundantly. She kept her ravishing smile to the last, never uttered a complaint, and on the last day, said to me: [2r°] “Mother, my cup is full. Ah! I can’t take any more!...” “What if Jesus wills it to overflow?” “Then I will it too… I will it too”, she replied. And she suffered a veritable martyrdom with happiness on her features. Our pious and devoted doctor could hardly believe it.

     Lastly, dear Son, she’s awaiting you, but she’ll obtain you the grace of strength so that you reach the port and have a good harvest to present to the Saviour. Her life was but love and sacrifices, as you’ll see from the booklet we’re going to make with several pages she left us. They were written out of obedience, for us alone, but if the Bishop allows it, we’ll make a little biography from them instead of the usual circular (custom of the Order) while reserving, of course, certain personal details for her old mother.

          Dear Son, may Jesus guide your steps and your actions, and may his love set you on fire more and more, but live with you.

Union with our Seraphim, who is even more yours in heaven than on earth.

Your old mother Marie de Gonzague


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