RP2 02r

I know that they are Your friends,
Jesus, these ravishing flowers.
You come from Celestial meadows
To seek the souls that are your sisters.
A soul is a perfumed flower,
Child, that You would like to gather.
Jesus, handsome Lily of the valley,
For a single flower, You want to die !!!....
Ineffable Mystery, 
The adorable Word,
Will shed tears
While gathering His harvest of Flowers.

The Angel pauses a moment, leans over the Child Jesus and says to Him:

O Divine Jesus! why does this charming smile answer my song,  even though I tell you of tears?... O sweet Child!... I understand Your look.... Already You would like to leave Your cradle to begin to gather the flowers that have charmed You... Alas! soon You will have to go away from this poor stable, the only shelter your earthly homeland has to offer You... You'll leave to flee  before a mortal prince who will tremble on his throne at Your divine kingship... But, fleeing to the land of Egypt, You will bring in an abundant harvest of spring flowers... All the happy children of your age will receive the white crowns your brief stay here has already earned for them, these innocent lambs will sacrifice their days-long lives, for You, Jesus, the very author of life, but in return You
will place in their infant hands the palm of the victorious and throughout all eternity this gracious army will rejoice at the foot of Your throne, O Divine Lamb!...
Thus will Herod's cruelty be outwitted; wishing to wipe out Your empire,  he will send before You a legion of martyrs destined to form Your court..........
O Jesus! how sweet it will be for me to contemplate Your triumphs!... How eagerly I will announce to the faithful Joseph when the time has come for You to return to your country... It is I who will support Your holy Mother through the fatigues of the trip... When she lays You to sleep at evening, in the
shade of the palms, I will be there, watching over You, fending off night's fears and dangers... I will sweetly sing canticles of Heaven and as soon as I see that the Eternal Word and His holy Mother are asleep, I  will wrap them in my wings to shield them from the desert's chill!...

The angel pauses a moment, then goes on:



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