RP2 03r

 Jesus, I recognize in this image
The shining radiance so pure of your childhood Face.
I recognize on your divine Face
All the charms of this bloody veil.
Divine Face
Yes, Your beauty
Hides for the angel
The brightness of heaven!...
Last verse : 
Divine Jesus, suffering is dear to You
And Your kind look penetrates the future.
 Already You wish to drink from the bitter cup.
In Your love You dream of dying.
Ineffable dream!... 
Day-old Child!...
Adorable Face!...
You embrace me with love.


Divine Jesus, yes, the brightness of Your august face sur passes the splendor  of the Heavens!.... Oh! As soon as human beings will have contemplated Your beauty, they will hasten to give You their hearts, they will live only for You.... 


Alas, my brother! don't you know of the ingratitude of mortals?...  Don't you know what Isaiah predicted, the prophet whose inspired eye already saw the hidden charms of Jesus?... "He is without beauty, without splendor (he said), we have seen Him; He had nothing about Him that attracted attention and we did not know Him He appeared to us as an object of scorn, the least of men, a man of sorrow who knows what it is to suffer!... His face was as hidden.... He appeared contemptible and we did not recognize Him... We considered Him as a leper, as a man struck by God and humiliated!..." [Isaiah 53:2-4] 

[An additional loose page, 3*r, is slipped into the manuscript at this point.]

O Jesus! Must it be that so much love will remain un­known? (He leans over the Infant Jesus. After a fairly long silence, he goes on, looking at the instruments of the Passion which the Angel of the Holy Face is holding.) O Divine Child! why does Your sweet glance fall on this cross? Why do You smile on this cruel crown?...... Ah! let me take You to Heaven, since earth has nothing but sorrows for You........ 

But no... I see in your infant's look that the cross has more charms for You than the eternal throne of the Heavens....O Jesus!... I cannot comprehend the immense love that made You descend to earth!.... (He weeps.)


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