RP2 04r

should be wounded by those cruel thorns?.... Must it be that the sweet fragrance of my ravishing Flower be wasted on ungrateful souls who do not want to receive it? (He weeps.)
THE ANGEL OF THE HOLY FACE, after a pause.
Console yourself, beautiful angel, the fragrance of our Lily will not be spread in vain. A great number of pure souls will hasten to receive it. With their Well-Beloved, they will climb the mountain of myrrh, with Him they will suffer, they will wipe the Divine Face and, contemplating His precious tears, they will cry out:
"O Jesus! how charming are the pearls You've made to shine on Your Face!...
They glitter in Your half-closed eyes
With a reflected light that charms us all.
The splendor of the starry Heavens 
Is nothing compared to a single tear!..."


Yes, the tears of Jesus glisten more than the splendor of the Heavens and are more beautiful than morning dew... But the height of my sorrow is the thought that one day the gracious face of this divine Child will be buried in a tomb ... Who will see Him then?... Who will be there to wipe away His tears?.... Even Mary herself will no longer be able to contemplate the dear features of her adored Child!... (He weeps again.)
[Scene 3]
AN ANGEL enters carrying a banner of the Resurrection.
Melody: "Je suis du Ciel le joyeux messager" [".I am the Joyous Messenger from Heaven"]:
Weep no more, Angel of the Savior God,
I have come down from Heaven to console your heart.
This weak little child
will one day be strong.
He will rise again
He will reign forever!...

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