RP2 05v


Divine Jesus, here is the ultimate extent of your love; having made visible to poor weak creatures that adorable Face of which even the seraphim cannot sustain the brilliance,  You want to hide it behind a veil even thicker than human nature.... But, Jesus, in the host I see the splendor of Your face shine forth. (He kneels before the host.) Your ravishing charms are not at all hidden from me... I see Your ineffable look penetrating pure souls,  inviting them to receive You... Like the dove that hides in the hollow of a rock, so shall Your spouses seek Your Face. I see their hearts turning toward You, coming to take refuge by the tabernacle of Your love!


O Divine Child! do You want to make Your stay down here?... (He looks at the Angel of the Resurrection.) An angel has just sung that soon You will rise again to the right hand of Your Father, to reign eternally in Heaven .... When will I see You on your throne of glory?...
Jesus, I would like Your reign to come, I want all the elect to appear soon in the air, flying before You, when an angel has said: "Time is no more."...

[Scene 5]


enters  carrying a sword and a set of scales. He sings to the tune of "Minuit, chrétiens" ["Midnight, Christians"]:


Soon will come the day of vengeance,
This impure earth will pass through fire.


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RP2 06r


All mortals then will hear their sentence
Spoken by the mouth of God.
We will see Him in the power of His glory,
No longer hidden in the guise of a child.
We will be there to chant of His victory
And to proclaim that He is the Almighty One. (2x)


(Second stanza of the Angel of Judgment.)

THE ANGEL turns towards the image of the Holy Face to sing:

These eyes veiled in tears and blood  
Will gleam with an ineffable brilliance.
We will see this adorable Face
In the splendor of its radiance
And above the clouds we shall see appear
Jesus carrying the scepter of the Cross. 
Then we will be able to recognize Him,
This King!... This Judge!... in the magnificence of His voice... (2x)


You will tremble, inhabitants of earth,
You will tremble on your final day.
 You will not be able to bear the wrath 
Of this child, who is today the God of Love.
For you, mortals, He chose suffering,
Asking only your weak hearts.
At the judgment you will see His power.
You will tremble before the Avenging God!!!... (2x)


kneel (except the Angel of Judgment) and sing to the tune of "O Coeur de notre aimable Mère" ["O Heart of our Lovable Mother"]:

Oh! deign to hear the prayer,
Of your angels, Jesus Divine.
You who have come to redeem earth,
Defend the cause of the elect.


Shatter the sword with Your hand....
Appease this angry angel....
Oh, Child, let Your voice arise
To save gentle and humble hearts. (2x)
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RP2 06v


The voice of THE CHILD JESUS is heard and immediately the Angel of Judgment kneels. (Melody: "Rêve, parfum" ["Dream, Perfume"]

Faithful angels, console yourselves. 
You who have covered me with your wings
Will be the first
To hear My voice.
Having recognized your King
Hidden beneath childhood features,
You have sung of My birth, You have flown unto Me.
I cherish you, O pure flames,
Angels of the Celestial abode.
But, like you, I love souls, 
I love them with a great love.
I made them for Myself.
 I made their infinite desires.
Even the littlest soul that loves Me
Becomes a Paradise for Me!...


Divine Jesus, how delightful and sweet is the sound of Your childish voice!... All the music of the Heavens could not compare to a single word of Yours!... O beautiful Child! hear my prayer. Raise from the land of exile  a great number of innocent souls who resemble You. Deign to gather, before they open, the flowers that would wither if they remained down here.... As soon as the dew of Baptism has put in their hearts a seed of immortality, Jesus, may Your tiny hand hasten to transplant them into the gardens of Heaven.


O beautiful angel of my childhood!
I will fulfill your ardent prayers.
I will know to preserve innocence 
In the souls of little children.
I will gather them in at dawn,
These charming buds so full of freshness.
You will see them blossom in Heaven
In the pure rays of My Heart.


© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc





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RP2 07r

Still soaked with dew,
Sparkling with a thousand lights,
These Lilies will be the Milky Way
Of the starry blue of the Heavens.
I want lilies for My crown,
I, Jesus, the lovely Lily of the Valley,
 And I want a spray of brilliant lilies
To form My throne.
[Here Thérèse adds a loose sheet with the following text:]
Divine Child, hear my prayer also I see in the future a vast number of souls who will be consecrated to You and who will, by ineffable bonds, become Your beloved spouses...
But these earthly angels will be clothed in mortal flesh and sometimes their sublime soaring toward You will be slowed; often their white robes will be stained with the dust of the earth.
Jesus, I also see even more numerous souls who will turn away from You; like the Prodigal Son, they will go searching for happiness very far from their Father!... Instead of remaining at peace under your staff, O Divine Shepherd, these poor ewes will be lost in thorns... But the ordeal will bring them closer to You; they will remember that the Son of God came to call not the just but the sinful, and that there is more joy in Heaven for one sinner who repents than for ninety-nine of the just who need no repentance... Like Magdalene, after having greatly offended You, they will greatly love You... When these souls seek out Your Face, as soon as they have come to hide themselves in the secret of Your Holy Face, invoking Your holy name, grant, O Jesus! that a single glance of Yours will make them shine more brightly than the stars of the Heavens!....
[End of the loose sheet].


You who contemplate my face
In an ecstasy of love
And who have left your celestial home
To watch over My image


I want to answer your prayer.
Every soul will obtain pardon.
I will fill her up with light
Once she invokes My name!....


You who would share My cross
And My sorrow on earth,
Beautiful angel, hear of this mystery:
Every soul that suffers is your sister.
In Heaven, the greatness of her suffering 
Will shine forth on your brow
And the magnificence of your pure essence
Will illuminate the martyr!...

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc


RP2 07v


Living bread descended from Heaven!.... Golden grape cluster from which will spring forth virgins, deign that I too might hear the sweet sound of Your voice, I who will adore You in the sanctuary  until the end of time. O Divine Word! that love must reduce to silence, the ministers at your altars ought to handle You with that same delicacy with which Mary wraps You in your swaddling clothes But alas! very often your love will be misunderstood and your priests will be unworthy of their sublime calling O hidden God!... tell me, what can I do to console You?



Angel of My Eucharist
It's you who will charm My heart.
Yes, it is your sweet melody
That will console My sorrow.


I thirst to give Myself to souls,
But many have hearts that languish.
Seraphim, give them your flames,
Clothe them in your sweet chants. 


I would like the soul of the Priest
To resemble the seraphim of Heaven!
I would like him to be reborn
Before he ascends to the Altar!...
To bring about this miracle
All souls around the tabernacle
Must constantly pray
And offer themselves to Me each day.


Soon, divine Child, I shall watch You ascend in glory to the right hand of the Father... Then all the angels will rejoice, they will hasten to open the eternal gates to welcome You, O King of Glory!...
But what will become of the poor exiles on earth?... Will they be orphans forever?

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc


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