Pious Recreation n° 4 , 01r


Jesus at Bethany

St. Mary Magdalene is seated at the feet of Our Lord, looking up at Him with love. In the back of the room, we can see St. Martha busy setting the table for the Divine Master's meal.
 Our Lord and St. Mary Magdalene sing to the tune of "l'Ange et l'aveugle" ["The Angel and the Blind Man"] 
My God, my divine Master,
Jesus, my only love,
I want to be at Your feet
And there I will stay.
In vain through this earth
I have sought happiness.
Only a bitter sadness
Has filled my heart.
At my feet, Magdalene,
You will always find
A sweet look of love
To comfort your pain.
From now on, O Mary,
You'll want to live for
Me And all My life
I will suffer for you.
This is too much, my good Master.
I feel like I am giving way,
Would that I could be reborn
this day, or die!....
Understand my fretting...
Jesus.... Oh my Savior!...
I have made Your tears flow
What immense sorrow! 
It is true, on your soul
I have spilled tears.
But with a single stroke of flame
I can change hearts.
Your soul, made young again
By my divine look,
Will bless me without end
In eternal life.

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc





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