RP4 03v

 Your divine look has penetrated my heart
All my gifts are too little, it is my soul itself
That I must offer You, oh very loving Savior!...
Yes, it is your heart that I desire
Unto that I have lowered Myself.
The heavens and their infinite glory
I wanted to leave, for you.
26 SAINT MARTHA, looking at Mary Magdalene
Why, divine Savior, have You given
Such great praise of Mary to Simon the Leper?
It seems to me, oh my God, that in all her life
You had to have counted more than one stormy day.
I knew how to understand the language
Of repentance and a broken heart.
She loves more
To whom more has been forgiven!....
Oh! how astonished I am that it is so!
Because You, Lord, have kept me from falling,
You have protected my life since its dawn
For such great kindness, mustn't I love?... 

© Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, Inc