Ms A 86r

I will forever sing the mercies of the Lord!...

Coat of arms of Jesus and Thérèse


Days of Grace, granted by the Lord to his little spouse


Birth January 2 1873 Baptism January 4 1873 Smile of the Blessed Virgin May 1883 First Communion May 8 1884 Confirmation June 14 1884 Conversion December 25 1886 Audience with Leo XIII November 20 1887 Entrance into Carmel April 9 1888 Clothing January 10 1889 Our great riches February 12 1889 Canonical examination Benediction of Leo XIII September 1890 Profession September 8 1890 Taking of the veil September 24, 1890 Offering of myself to Love June 9 1895


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Ms A 85v

Thérèse's Explanation of the Coat of Arms She Designed and Placed at the End of Manuscript A


The blazon JHS is the one Jesus deigned to bring as a dowry to his poor little spouse. The orphan of Beresina became Thérèse of the CHILD JESUS and the HOLY FACE— these are her titles of nobil­ity, her wealth, and her hope. The vine that divides the shield in two is again [5]the image of Him who deigned to say to us: "I am the vine and, you are the branches, I want you to bear much fruit. The two branches surrounding the Holy Face and the little Jesus are the image of Thérèse herself who had only one desire: that of offering herself as a little cluster of grapes to refresh the child Jesus, to amuse Him and let herself be pressed by Him according to [10]his whims, as well as to be able to quench the ardent thirst He felt dur­ing his passion. The harp again represents Thérèse who wanted to sing eternally melodies of love to Jesus.

The blazon FMT is that of Marie-Françoise-­Thérèse, the little flower of the Holy Virgin, thus this little flower is represented re­ceiving the beneficial rays of the Gentle Morning Star. The verdant land represents [15]the blessed family in whose heart the little flower grew up; further away is seen a mountain that symbolizes Carmel. On her coat of arms, Thérèse chose this blessed spot to present the flaming dart of love that was to merit for her the palm of martyrdom until she could truly shed her blood for Him whom she loves. For, in order to respond to all the love of [20] Jesus she would desire to do for Him what He did for her ... but Thérèse is aware that she is only a weak reed, thus she has put one on her blazon. The luminous tri­angle represents the Adorable Trinity who never ceases to bestow its inestimable gifts on little Thérèse's soul, thus she will always gratefully remember this motto: 'Love is repaid by Love alone. "



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Ms A 84v

[84v°] I need have no fear of purgatory. I know that of myself I would not merit even to enter that place of expiation since only holy souls can have entrance there, but I also know that the Fire of Love is more sanctifying than is the fire of purgatory. I know that Jesus cannot desire [5] useless sufferings for us, and that He would not inspire the longings I feel unless He wanted to grant them.

Oh! how sweet is the way of Love! How I want to apply myself to doing the will of God always with the greatest self-surrender!

Here, dear Mother, is all I can tell you about the life of [10] your little Thérèse; you know better than I do what she is and what Jesus has done for her. You will forgive me for having abridged my religious life so much.

How will this “story of a little white flower” come to an end? Perhaps the little flower will be plucked in her youthful freshness or else transplanted to other shores. [15] I don’t know, but what I am certain about is that God’s Mercy will accompany her always, that it will never cease blessing the dear Mother who offered her to Jesus; she will rejoice eternally at being one of the flowers of her crown. And with this dear Mother she will sing eternally the new canticle of Love.

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Ms A 84r

[84r°] to pardon the faults of the prodigal son with so much kindness, be just also toward me who “am with Him always”?

This year, June 9, the feast of the Holy Trinity, I received the grace to understand more than ever before how much Jesus desires to be loved.

[5] I was thinking about the souls who offer themselves as victims of God’s Justice in order to turn away the punishments reserved to sinners, drawing them upon themselves. This offering seemed great and very generous to me, but I was far from feeling attracted to making it. From the depths of my heart, I cried out:

O my God! Will Your Justice alone find souls willing to immolate themselves as victims? Does not Your [10] Merciful Love need them too? On every side this love is unknown, rejected; those hearts upon whom You would lavish it turn to creatures, seeking happiness from them with their miserable affection; they do this instead of throwing themselves into Your arms and of accepting Your infinite Love. O my God! Is Your disdained Love going to remain closed up within Your Heart? It seems to me that if You were [15] to find souls offering themselves as victims of holocaust to Your Love, You would consume them rapidly; it seems to me, too, that You would be happy not to hold back the waves of infinite tenderness within You. If Your Justice loves to release itself, this Justice which extends only over the earth, how much more does Your Merciful Love desire to set souls on fire since Your Mercy reaches [20] to the heavens. O my Jesus, let me be this happy victim; consume Your holocaust with the fire of Your Divine Love!”

You permitted me, dear Mother, to offer myself in this way to God, and you know the rivers or rather the oceans of graces that flooded my soul. Ah! since the happy day, it seems to me that Love penetrates and surrounds me, that at each moment this Merciful Love renews me, purifying my soul and leaving no trace of sin within it, and

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Ms A 83v

[83v°] Imitation come to my aid; in them I discover a solid and very pure nourishment. But it is especially the Gospels that sustain me during my hours of prayer, for in them I find what is necessary for my poor little soul. I am constantly discovering in them new lights, hidden and mysterious meanings.

[5] I understand and I know from experience that: “The kingdom of God is within you.” Jesus has no need of books or teachers to instruct souls; He teaches without the noise of words. Never have I heard Him speak, but I feel that He is within me at each moment; He is guiding and inspiring me with what I must say and do. I find just [10] when I need them certain lights that I had not seen until then, and it isn’t most frequently during my hours of prayer that these are most abundant but rather in the midst of my daily occupations.

O my dear Mother! after so many graces can I not sing with the Psalmist: “How GOOD is the Lord, his MERCY endures forever!” [15] It seems to me that if all creatures had received the same graces I received, God would be feared by none but would be loved to the point of folly; and through love, not through fear, no one would ever consent to cause Him any pain. I understand, however, that all souls cannot be the same, that it is necessary there be different types in order to honor [20] each of God’s perfections in a particular way. To me He has granted His infinite Mercy, and through it I contemplate and adore the other divine perfections! All of these perfections appear to be resplendent with love; even His Justice (and perhaps this even more so than the others) seems to me clothed in love. What a sweet joy it is to think that God is Just, i.e., that He takes into account our weakness, that He is perfectly aware of our fragile nature. What should I fear then? Ah! must not the infinitely just God, who deigns

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