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[1v°] when you see yourself entrusted with precious sheaves. O Mother, pardon my childish simplicity. I feel you will allow me to speak to you without considering what is allowed a young religious to say to her Prioress. Perhaps, at times, I shall not keep within the limits [5] prescribed for subjects, but, dear Mother, I make bold to say it, this is your own fault. I am acting with you as a child because you do not act with me as a Prioress but a Mother.

Ah! dear Mother, I know very well that it is really God who is speaking to me through you. Many of the Sisters think that you [10] spoiled me, that since my entrance into the holy ark, I have received from you nothing but caresses and compliments. Nevertheless it was not so. You will see, dear Mother, in the copybook containing my childhood memories, what I think of the strong and maternal education I received from you. From the bottom of my heart [15] I want to thank you for not sparing me. Jesus knew very well that His little flower stood in need of the living waters of humiliation, for she was too weak to take root without this kind of help, and it was through you, dear Mother, that this blessing was given to me.

For a year and a half now, Jesus has willed to change the manner of [20] making His little flower grow. He has no doubt found her sufficiently watered, for now it is the sun that aids her growth. Jesus wants to give her nothing but His smile and this He does through you, dear Mother. This gentle sun, far from causing the little flower to wilt,



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[1v°]                                     J.M.J.T.

June 1987

You have told me, my dear Mother,253 of your desire that I finish singing with you the Mercies of the Lord. I began this sweet song with your dear daughter, Agnes of Jesus, who was the mother entrusted by God with guiding me in the days of my childhood. It was [5] with her that I had to sing of the graces granted to the Blessed Virgin’s little flower when she was in the springtime of her life. And it is with you that I am to sing of the happiness of this little flower now that the timid glimmerings of the dawn have given way to the burning heat of noon. Yes, dear Mother, I shall try to express, in [10] answer to your wishes, the sentiments of my soul, my gratitude to God and to you, who represent Him visibly to me, for was it not into your maternal hands that I delivered myself entirely to Him? O Mother, do you remember that day? Yes, I know your heart could not forget it. [15] As for me, I must await heaven because I cannot find here on earth words capable of expressing what took place in my heart on that beautiful day.

There is another day, my beloved Mother, when my soul was united with yours even more, if that were possible, and that was the day you were entrusted once again with the burden of Superior. On that day, dear Mother, [20] you sowed in tears, but you will be filled with joy in heaven



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