Testaments of Our Mother St Teresa


Last will of our mother St. Teresa


Feast Day on October 15


Lord, I do not understand how to find the narrow road that leads to you. Those who you truly love, Oh my Sovereign, walk confidently down a broad and royal road, far from all precipices. Should the soul falter, you would immediately come and extend your hand; those who walk in the valley of humility may fall once or many times, but they will not be lost. Autobiography, chap. 35.

The soul that disengages from all exterior matters and finds itself only in God, the Seat of Love, is admirably predisposed towards being set on fire and to burn. Way, chap. 30.

In your exchanges with your Sisters, always follow their will and not your own; if your rights are overlooked, forget your own interests and concern yourself only with theirs, overcoming natural aversions. In sum, when the occasion presents itself, take on work and undergo fatigue in order to comfort your neighbor. 5e Castles, chap. 3.

Let those souls who desire to reach perfection not become discouraged if they cannot climb so high; let them maintain unlimited confidence in God’s goodness. One day, He will turn their aspirations into reality. Autobiography, chap. 31.

If you seek to strengthen the foundation of your spiritual life, strive always to become the smallest among your sisters and to be their servant. Search incessantly ways to please and to serve them. Castle, chap. 4.

The Lord’s yoke is light; and it is intensely important that the soul not be anguished and discouraged but instead, for the sake of its advancement, for the soul to be gentle. Autobiography, chap. 11.

The most sublime perfection to which one can aspire consists of subjugating one’s will to the will of God. 2nd Castles

Prayer is but a friendly exchange wherein the soul converses one to One with God and does not cease to express love for God, confident of God’s love. Autobiography, chap. 8.

My Beloved is for me, and I am for my Beloved! Who would undertake a separation or to blow out the flame that issues from this great conflagration? Certainly, such an effort would be in vain since the two hearts burn as one. Exclamation.

Let your desire be to see God; your fear, to lose Him; your sorrow, His absence; your joy, what draws you to Him—and your life shall be one of great peace. Advice, number 69.

For the soul that loves, true prayer during sickness and misfortune consists of offering to God in order to remember him and to conform to His holy will. Autobiography, chap. 7

Being weak, we greatly need to fill our souls with abundant confidence. We must never stop striving and we must be empowered by the thought that through constant efforts we will be victorious. Autobiography , chap. 31.

Sometimes, Our Lord may tarry in visiting a soul, but, when He finally arrives, He will dispense to that soul, all at once, in one visit, what he gives to other souls over many years. The Divine Master will treat such a soul as a valiant one, adding the happiness reserved for the next life to the consolations that it could not enjoy here. Way, chap. 19.

How awful this life is! You cannot even count on worthless pleasures; everything is subject to change. Ah, if we carefully considered earthly concerns, each of us would acknowledge how little attention we should pay to our desires for pleasure. Autobiography, chap. 36.

One day, Our Lord, wishing to console me in my sorrows, said most affectionately: “Do not be so distressed, my daughter, souls on earth cannot always remain in the same state; sometimes you will be fervent and sometimes without fervor; sometimes you will find peace and sometimes you will be troubled and tempted. Simply, hope in me and fear not”. Autobiography, chap. 40.

What will console you at the hour of death is to know that you will be judged by Him whom we have loved above all others! With what confidence we can present ourselves before Him, assured that we will hear from His lips a favorable outcome. Chap. 42, Testament 16.

If you fall at times, take care not to lose hope. Rather with fortitude, proceed to go forward, and be assured that God will turn your falls into something good for your soul. 2e Castles.

One can compare Divine Love to a fire that incessantly consumes new wood. The soul embracing this Love will pay any price by continuously feeding this fire in order to prevent it from going out. For me, even when I have nothing but straws to throw, I am content. Too often, alas, I have nothing else. Autobiography, chap. 30.

Many things that are faults in our eyes are not so in God’s. He understands better than we can the misery and limits of our nature. He sees in us the desire to think always of Him and to love always. Such a disposition is what pleases God. Autobiography, chap. 11.

Oh, My Divine Spouse! Your signal favor of deigning to belong to us can never be overvalued. We should never cease blessing, exalting such a great King, a Sovereign so powerful that He prepares for us a Kingdom without end, simply in recompense for our small sufferings, which will soon end, mitigated by a thousand joys. Foundations, chap. 31.

When you increase in love of neighbor, you can rest assured that you will increase in love of God. This good God love us so much that he will, in payment for the love we bear our neighbors, happily increase in a thousand ways the love we have for Him. 5e Castles, chap. 3.

Given that the soul works incrementally to acquire perfection, according to its abilities, she will not have henceforth to withstand great struggles: the Lord Himself will extend His hand to forbid assaults from the demon and from the world itself. Ch. chap. 9.

One day of humiliation and self-knowledge, necessary to obtain the prize of trials and suffering, amounts to a greater favor from God than multiple days of prayer and sweet consolations. Foundations, chap. 5.

The Divine Master has always given me the grace to throw myself body and soul rendering what I saw as the greatest service to Him, despite all the difficulties I would find. Clearly and truly, I have seen that, even when my course is insignificant, I knew that God asks no more than a generous disposition in order to do everything for Him.

True humility, however great, does not burden the soul with worry, bother or upheaval. On the contrary, humility brings peace, enjoyment and rest. The soul, expanding in a holy manner, is capable of even more work for God. Way, chap. 41.

It is through humility that the Lord allows himself to be conquered and then He grants all our desires. 4e Castles, chap. 2.

Prayer time is not the time to argue. Instead, it is a time to see ourselves anew and to present ourselves before God. Before his infinite Wisdom, to which scholars aspire, a sole act of humility is worth more than all the science in the world. Life, chap.11.


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