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Welcome to the Archives of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus

Doctor of the Church !

It contains everything you need to find out more about Therese, allowing you to look deeper into her work and the genesis of her thinking. As you will discover, the young Carmelite of Lisieux had the genius to make use of the texts, documents, images and objects of her time. Living with them and nourishing herself with them, she transformed them and was able to create a written work that is valuable for all periods and times. By presenting you with all of these treasures, we move from conservation to conversation.

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English translations are added as they are done, on an ongoing basis. will soon be translated - 70% done.

It is possible to get a rough translation by copying and pasting text into Google Translator.

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Petit texte d'introduction de la rubrique, présentant son contenu. Une dizine de ligne.
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- Society of St. Paul / Alba House for the letters of Mme Martin

- Association des Amis de Thérèse de Lisieux et de son Carmel - for all the other texts.

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Therese of St Augustin's story


A very late text of Thérèse

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The Little Way in 31 plates


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