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[5r°] And here’s another passage from a letter dated June 25, 1874. I was only a year and a half: “Your Father just installed a swing, and Céline’s joy knows no bounds. But you should see the little one using it; it’s funny to see her trying to conduct herself as a big girl. There’s no danger of her letting the rope go. [5] When the swing doesn’t go fast enough, she cries. We attached her to it with a rope, but in spite of this I’m still uneasy to see her perched so high.

“A strange thing happened to me regarding the little one. I’m in the habit of attending the 5:30 Mass in the morning, but at first I didn’t dare leave her alone. Seeing she didn’t wake up early I decided to leave her. I’d place her [10] in my bed and set the cradle alongside the bed so that she couldn’t fall out. One day, I forgot the cradle. I returned and the little one was no longer in the bed ;at the same moment I heard a whimper; I looked and saw her in a sitting position in a chair at the head of my bed. She was sleeping fitfully as she was uncomfortable with her head resting on a cushion.

“I can’t [15] understand how she fell onto the chair in a sitting position since she was in the bed. I thanked God, feeling it was providential as she could have tumbled onto the floor. Her good Angel watched over her and the souls in purgatory protected her. I pray every day to them for her. This is my explanation for it; explain it the way you like.”

[20] At the end of the letter Mama added: “The little one has just placed her hand on my face and kissed me. This poor little thing doesn’t want to leave me; she’s continually at my side. She likes going into the garden,


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