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[6v°] I remember very well her First Communion and especially the moment she picked me up in her arms and carried me into the rectory. It seemed so nice to be carried by a big sister all in white like myself! In the evening they put me to bed early as I was [5] too little to stay up for the banquet, but I can still see Papa coming at dessert time, carrying a piece of cake to his little Queen.

We accompanied Mama the next day or a few days after to the home of Léonie’s little companion. I believe that was the day our good little Mother took us behind a wall to give us a drink of [10] wine after the dinner (which we provided for Mme. Dagoreau), because she didn’t want to offend the good woman and didn’t want to deprive us of anything. Ah! how delicate a Mother’s heart really is, and how it shows its tenderness in a thousand little cares that no one thinks about!

And [15] now I have to speak about my dear Céline, the little companion of my childhood, but the memories here are so numerous I don’t know which to choose. I’m going to extract a few passages from letters Mama wrote to you at the Visitation but won’t copy them out in full as it would take too long. July 1, 1873, the year of my birth, she said:

[20] “The nurse brought little Thérèse here on Thursday. The little one did nothing but laugh. Céline pleased her especially and she went into peals of laughter with her. One would say she already wants to play, so that will come soon. She holds herself up on her two little legs straight as a post. I believe she will walk very early and she will be very good. She appears very intelligent and has the face of a little cherub.”



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