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[7v°] over in order to admire your long braids. Then you gave me a piece of chocolate that you had kept for three months. Can you imagine what a relic that was for me!

I recall also the trip I made to Le Mans; it was my first train ride. [5] What a joy to see myself on a trip alone with Mama. I don’t know why I began to cry, but poor little Mother had nothing to introduce to Aunt at Le Mans but a plain little girl all red with the tears she shed on the way. I remember nothing about the visit except the moment when Aunt [10] handed me a little white toy mouse and a little cardboard basket filled with candies, on top of which were enthroned two pretty sugar rings, just the right size for my finger. Immediately I exclaimed: “How wonderful! there will be a ring for Céline also!” I took my basket by the handle. I gave the other hand to Mama and we left. After a [15] few steps, I looked at my basket and saw that my candies were almost all strewn out on the street like Tom Thumb’s pebbles. I looked again more closely and saw that one of the precious rings had undergone the awful fate of the candies. I had nothing now to give to Céline and so was filled with grief! I asked if I could retrace my steps, but [20] Mama seemed to pay no attention to me. This was too much and my tears were followed by loud cries. I was unable to understand why she didn’t share my pain, and this only increased my grief.

Now I return to the letters in which Mama speaks to you about Céline and me. This is the best means I can use to have you understand my character. Here is a passage where my faults shine forth with great brilliance:


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