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[9r°] fireplace and amuse themselves for long hours at a time. (It was little Rose who gave me the hen and the rooster, and I gave the rooster to Céline.)

“The other day Céline slept with me and Thérèse had slept on the second floor in Céline’s bed; she had begged Louise to take her downstairs to dress her. [5] Louise went up to get her but found the bed empty. Thérèse had heard Céline and had come down to be with her. Louise said: ‘You don’t want to get dressed?’ Thérèse answered: ‘Oh no! Louise, we are like the two hens, we’re inseparable!’ Saying this they embraced each other and both held each other tightly. [10] Then in the evening Louise, Céline, and Léonie left for the meeting of the Catholic circle and left little Thérèse all alone. She understood she was too little to go to the meeting and she said: ‘If they would only let me sleep in Céline’s bed!’ But no, they didn’t want it, so she said nothing and stayed alone with her little lamp and fifteen minutes [15] later fell into a sound sleep.”

Another day Mama wrote: “Céline and Thérèse are inseparable and it’s impossible to see two children love each other so much. When Marie comes to get Céline for her classes, poor Thérèse begins to cry. Alas, what’s going to become of her, her little friend is leaving! Marie [20] pities her and takes her along too, and the poor little thing sits in a chair for two or three hours on end; she is given some beads to thread or a little piece of cloth to sew, and she doesn’t dare budge but heaves deep sighs. When her needle becomes unthreaded, she tries to rethread it; and it’s funny to see her, not being able to succeed and still not daring to bother Marie. Soon you can see two big tears rolling down her cheeks! Marie


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