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[9v°] consoles her very quickly, threads the needle, and the poor little angel smiles through her tears.”

I remember that I really wasn’t able to be without Céline. I’d sooner leave the table without taking my dessert than not to [5] follow her as soon as she got up. Begging for help to get down, I would turn in my highchair, and then we would go out and play together. Sometimes we went with the Mayor’s little daughter, and I liked this because of the park and all the beautiful toys she showed us. But most of the time I went there only to please Céline, much [10] preferring to stay in our own little garden to scrape the walls and get all the little shiny stones there, then we would go and sell them to Papa who bought them from us in all seriousness.

On Sunday, as I was too little to go to the services, Mama stayed with me; I was very good, walking around on [15] tiptoe during the Mass; but as soon as I saw the door open, there was an explosion of joy! I would throw myself in front of my pretty little sister, “adorned like a chapel,” and say: “Oh! little Céline, hurry, give me the blessed bread!” Sometimes she didn’t have it because she arrived too late. What to do? I [20] wasn’t able to be without it as this was “my Mass.” A way was soon found. “You haven’t any blessed bread? Then make some!” No sooner said then done. Céline got a chair, opened the cupboard, took the bread, cut off a slice, and then very gravely recited a Hail Mary over it, and then she gave it to me. After making a sign of the Cross I would eat it with great devotion, finding it tasted


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