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[10r°] the same as the blessed bread.

We carried on spiritual conferences together frequently. Here is a sample taken from one of Mama’s letters: “Our two little dears, Céline and Thérèse, are angels of benediction, little cherubs. Thérèse is the joy and happiness of Marie and even her glory; it’s incredible [5] how proud she is of her. It’s true she has very rare answers for one her age; she surpasses Céline in this who is twice her age. Céline said the other day: ‘How is it that God can be present in a small host?’ The little one said: ‘That is not surprising, God is all powerful.’ ‘What does all [10] powerful mean?’ ‘It means He can do what He wants!’”

One day, Léonie, thinking she was too big to be playing any longer with dolls, came to us with a basket filled with dresses and pretty pieces for making others; her doll was resting on top. “Here, my little sisters, choose; I’m [15] giving you all this.” Céline stretched out her hand and took a little ball of wool that pleased her. After a moment’s reflection, I stretched out mine saying: “I choose all!” and I took the basket without further ceremony. Those who witnessed the scene saw nothing wrong and even Céline herself didn’t dream of complaining (besides, she [20] had all sorts of toys, her godfather gave her lots of presents, and Louise found ways of getting her everything she desired).

This little incident of my childhood is a summary of my whole life; later on when perfection was set before me, I understood that to become a saint one had to suffer much, seek out always the most perfect thing to do, and forget self. I understood, too, there were many degrees of perfection and each soul


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