From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse - September 17, 1896.


From Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart to Thérèse.

September 17 (7), 1896


Dear little Sister, I have read your pages burning with love for Jesus. Your little godmother is very happy to possess this treasure and very grateful to her dear little girl who has revealed the secrets of her soul in this way. Oh! what should I say about these lines mark­ed with the seal of love?... Simply one word concerning myself. Like the young man in the Gospel, a certain feeling of sadness came over me in view of your extraordinary desires for martyrdom. That is the proof of your love; yes, you possess love, but I myself ! no, never will you make me believe that I can attain this desired goal, for I dread all that you love.

This is a proof that I do not love Jesus as you do. Ah! you say you are doing nothing, that you are a poor weak little bird, but your desires, how do you reckon them? God himself looks upon them as works.

I cannot speak to you any longer; I began this note this morning, and I have not had a minute to finish it. It is five o'clock. 1 would like you to tell your little godmother, in writing, if she can love Jesus as you do. But only briefly, for what I have is sufficient for my joy and my sorrow. For my joy, when I see to what a degree you are loved and privileged; for my sorrow, when I have a foreboding of the desire that Jesus has to pluck His little flower! Oh! I wanted to cry when I read these lines that are not from earth but an echo from the Heart of God.... Do you want me to tell you? Well, you are possessed by God, but what is called... absolutely possessed, just as the wicked are possessed by the devil.

I would like to be possessed, too, by good Jesus. However, I love you so much that I rejoice when seeing you are more privileged than I am.

A short note for little godmother.

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