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Ms A 12r

[12r°] Oh! everything truly smiled upon me on this earth: I found flowers under each of my steps and my happy disposition contributed much to making life pleasant, but a new period was about to commence for my soul. I had to pass through the crucible of trial and to suffer from my childhood in order to [5] be offered earlier to Jesus. Just as the flowers of spring begin to grow under the snow and to expand in the first rays of the sun, so the little flower whose memories I am writing had to pass through the winter of trial.


All the details of my Mother’s illness are still present to me and I recall especially the last weeks she spent on earth. Céline and I [10] were like two poor little exiles, for every morning Mme. Leriche came to get us and brought us to her home where we spent the day. One morning we didn’t have time to say our prayers and during the trip Céline whispered: “Should we tell her we didn’t say our prayers?” “Oh! yes,” I answered. So very timidly Céline told Mme. Leriche, [15] who said: “Well, my little girls, you will say them,” and placing us both in a large room, she left. Céline looked at me and we said: “Oh! this is not like Mama! She always had us say our prayers with her.”

When we were playing with the children, the thought of our dear Mother was with us constantly. Once Céline was given a beautiful apricot, and [20] she bent down and said to me: “We are not going to eat it; I will give it to Mama.” Alas, poor little Mother was already too sick to eat the fruits of the earth; she was to be satisfied only in heaven with God’s glory and was to drink the mysterious wine He spoke about at the Last Supper, saying He would share it with us in His Father’s Kingdom.

The touching ceremony of the last anointing is also deeply impressed on my mind. I can still see the spot where I was by Céline’s side. All five of us were



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