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[13v°] these lacking. Jesus had her find them beneath the snow of trial!

I experienced no regret whatsoever at leaving Alençon; children are fond of change, and it was with pleasure that I came to Lisieux. I recall the trip, our arrival at Aunt’s home; and I can still picture [5] Jeanne and Marie waiting for us at the door. I was very fortunate in having such nice little cousins. I loved them very much, as also Aunt and especially Uncle; however, he frightened me, and I wasn’t as much at ease in his home as I was at Les Buissonnets, for there my life was truly happy.

In the morning you used to come to me and [10] ask me if I had raised my heart to God, and then you dressed me. While dressing me you spoke about Him and afterward we knelt down and said our prayers together. The reading lesson came later and the first word I was able to read without help was “heaven.” My dear godmother took charge of the writing lessons and you, Mother, all the rest. I enjoyed no great facility in learning, [15] but I did have a very good memory. Catechism and sacred history were my favorite subjects and these I studied with joy. Grammar frequently caused me to shed many tears. You no doubt recall the trouble I had with the masculine and feminine genders!

As soon as my classes were over, I climbed up to the belvédère and showed my badge and my marks to Papa. How happy I was when I could [20] say: “I got full marks, and it’s Pauline who said so first!” For when I asked you if I had five full marks and until you said “Yes,” the marks seemed lower in my own eyes. You gave me points for good conduct and when I collected a certain number I got a prize and a free day. I recall these free days



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