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Ms A 14r

[14r°] seemed longer than the others; this pleased you as it was a sign I didn’t like being idle. Each afternoon I took a walk with Papa. We made our visit to the Blessed Sacrament together, [5] going to a different church each day, and it was in this way we entered the Carmelite chapel for the first time. Papa showed me the choir grille and told me there were nuns behind it. I was far from thinking at that time that nine years later I would be in their midst!

After the walk (during which Papa bought me a little [10] present worth a few sous) we returned to the house; then I did my homework and the rest of the time I stayed in the garden with Papa, jumping around, etc., for I didn’t know how to play with dolls. It was a great joy for me to prepare mixtures with little seeds and pieces of bark I found on the ground, and I’d bring them to Papa [15] in a pretty little cup. Poor Papa stopped all his work and with a smile he pretended to drink. Before giving me back the cup he’d ask me (on the sly) if he should throw the contents out. Sometimes I would say “Yes,” but more frequently I carried away my precious mixture, wanting to use it several times.

I loved cultivating my little flowers [20] in the garden Papa gave me. I amused myself, too, by setting up little altars in a niche in the middle of the wall. When I completed my work, I ran to Papa and dragged him over, telling him to close his eyes and not open them till I told him. He did all I asked him to do and allowed himself to be led in front of my little garden, then I’d cry out: “Papa, open your eyes!” He would open them


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