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Ms A 15v

[15v°] I loved God very much and offered my heart to Him very often, making use of the little formula Mother had taught me. However, one evening in the beautiful month of May I committed a fault that merits the penalty of being confessed. It gave me [5] good reason to humble myself and I believe I had perfect contrition for it.

Since I was too little to attend May devotions, I remained at home with Victoire, carrying out my devotions with her before my little May altar. This I had arranged according to my taste; everything was so small, the candlestick, the flower pots, etc. Two tapers lit it up perfectly. Sometimes Victoire [10] would surprise me with a gift of two candle stubs. But this was rare. All was in readiness one evening for us to commence our prayers, so I said to her: “Victoire, will you begin the Memorare? I’m going to light the tapers.” She pretended to begin but said nothing and looked at me, laughing. I watched my precious tapers burning away rapidly and [15] begged her to recite the prayer, but she still said nothing. Then rising from my knees, I shouted at her and told her she was very wicked. Laying aside my customary gentleness, I stamped my foot with all my might. Poor Victoire stopped laughing. She looked at me in amazement and then showed me the two candle stubs she’d brought along. [20] After shedding tears of anger, I poured out tears of repentance, having a firm purpose of not doing it again!

Another time there was another incident with Victoire, but this time I had no repentance because I had kept calm. I wanted an inkstand that was on the shelf of the fireplace in the kitchen; being too little to take it down, I very nicely asked Victoire to


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