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Ms A 16v

[16v°] lighted at the time. Victoire had to draw me out and shake off the ashes that covered me completely. These incidents happened to me on a Wednesday when you were at singing practice with Marie. It was on Wednesday also that Father Ducellier came to pay a visit. Victoire [5] told him nobody was home except Thérèse, and so he came out into the kitchen to see me and look over my homework; I was very proud to receive my confessor, for I had made my first confession to him a short time before. What a sweet memory for me!

Oh! dear Mother, with what care you prepared me for my first confession, [10] telling me it was not to a man but to God I was about to tell my sins; I was very much convinced of this truth. I made my confession in a great spirit of faith, even asking you if I had to tell Father Ducellier I loved him with all my heart as it was to God in person I was speaking.

[15] Well instructed in all I had to say and do, I entered the confessional and knelt down. On opening the grating Father Ducellier saw no one. I was so little my head was below the arm-rest. He told me to stand up. Obeying instantly, I stood and faced him directly in order to [20] see him perfectly, and I made my confession like a big girl and received his blessing with great devotion for you had told me that at the moment he gave me absolution the tears of Jesus were going to purify my soul. I remember the first exhortation directed to me. Father encouraged me to be devout to the Blessed Virgin and I promised myself to redouble my tenderness for her. Coming out of the confessional I was so happy and light-hearted that I had never felt so much joy in my



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