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[17r°] soul. Since then I’ve gone to confession on all the great feasts, and it was truly a feast for me each time.

The feasts! what memories this word brings back to me. How I loved the feasts! You knew how to explain all the mysteries [5] hidden under each, and you did it so well that they were truly heavenly days for me. I loved above all the processions in honor of the Blessed Sacrament. What a joy it was for me to throw flowers beneath the feet of God! Before allowing them to fall to the ground, I threw them as high as I could and I was never so happy as when I saw my roses touch the sacred monstrance.

[10] If the big feasts were rare, each week brought one that was very dear to my heart, namely Sunday! What a day Sunday was for me! It was God’s feast day, and feast of rest. First, I stayed in bed longer than on the other days; then Pauline spoiled her little girl by bringing her some chocolate to drink while still in bed and then she [15] dressed her up like a little Queen. Marie came to curl her hair and Thérèse was not always nice when Marie pulled her hair. Afterward she was very happy to take the hand of her King who on that day kissed her more tenderly than usual. The whole family then went off to Mass.

All along the way to church and even in the church [20] Papa’s little Queen held his hand. Her place was by his side, and when we had to go down into the body of the church to listen to the sermon, two chairs had to be found side by side. This wasn’t too difficult, for everyone seemed to think it so wonderful to see such a handsome old man with such a little daughter that they went out of their way to give them their places. Uncle, sitting in the warden’s pews, was always happy to see us come. He used to call me his little



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