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Ms A 18r

[18r°] I was happy when I was there with one of them. I preferred this to being invited all alone because then they paid less attention to me. I listened with great pleasure to all Uncle had to say, but I didn’t like it when he asked me questions. I was very much [5] frightened when he placed me on his knee and sang Blue Beard in a formidable tone of voice. I was happy to see Papa coming to fetch us. When we were on the way home, I would gaze upon the stars that were twinkling ever so peacefully in the skies and the sight carried me away. There was especially one cluster of golden pearls that attracted my attention and gave me great joy [10] because they were in the form of a -T-. I pointed them out to Papa and told him my name was written in heaven. Then desiring to look no longer upon this dull earth, I asked him to guide my steps; and not looking where I placed my feet I threw back my head, giving myself over completely [15] to the contemplation of the star-studded firmament!

What shall I say of the winter evenings at home, especially the Sunday evenings? Ah! how I loved, after the game of checkers was over, to sit with Céline on Papa’s knees. He used to sing, in his beautiful voice, airs that filled the soul with profound thoughts, or else, [20] rocking us gently, he recited poems that taught the eternal truths. Then we all went upstairs to say our night prayers together and the little Queen was alone near her King, having only to look at him to see how the saints pray. When prayer was ended we came according to age to bid Papa good night and receive his kiss; the Queen naturally came last and the King



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