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[19r°] Then he’d come and ask your permission and to please him, Pauline would say “Yes,” but little Thérèse saw by her look that she wasn’t saying it with all her heart, and she’d begin to cry and would not be consoled until Pauline said “Yes” and kissed her with all her heart!

[5] When little Thérèse was sick, which happened every winter, it isn’t possible to explain the maternal tenderness she received. Pauline then made her sleep in her bed (incomparable favor) and gave her everything she wanted. One day Pauline drew a beautiful little knife from under her pillow and giving it to her little girl [10] left her in an indescribable ecstasy. “Ah! Pauline,” she cried, “you love me so much you’re willing to deprive yourself of your little knife with the mother of pearl star! Since you love me so much, would you sacrifice your watch to prevent me from dying?” — “I would give you [15] my watch not only to prevent you from dying, but to see you get well soon I’d sacrifice it immediately.” When I heard Pauline’s words, my astonishment and gratitude were so great I couldn’t express them. In the summer, I had stomach aches at times, and Pauline again took tender care of me. To amuse me she [20] would drive me all around the garden in a wheelbarrow and then, making me get off, she’d put in a little daisy plant and drive this very carefully to my little garden where she’d plant it with great ceremony.

It was Pauline, too, who received all my intimate confidences and cleared up all my doubts. Once I was surprised that God didn’t



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