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[19v°] give equal glory to all the Elect in heaven, and I was afraid all would not be perfectly happy. Then Pauline told me to fetch Papa’s large tumbler and set it alongside my thimble and filled both to the brim with water. She asked me which one was fuller. I told her [5] each was as full as the other and that it was impossible to put in more water than they could contain. My dear Mother helped me understand that in heaven God will grant His Elect as much glory as they can take, the last having nothing to envy in the first. And it was in this way that you brought the most sublime mysteries down to my level of understanding and [10] were able to give my soul the nourishment it needed.

How glad I was to see the day of the distribution of prizes arrive each year! In this as in all other matters, justice was strictly observed and I received only the rewards I deserved. All alone, standing before the august assembly, I listened to my sentence being read by “the King of France and Navarre”; my heart [15] was beating rapidly as I received my prizes and the crown. It was like a picture of the Last Judgment! Immediately after the distribution, the little Queen took off her white dress and they quickly dressed her in disguise in order to take part in the grand pageant that followed.

Ah! how joyous were these family feasts! How far I was [20] then from foreseeing the trials awaiting my dear King when seeing him so happy! One day, however, God showed me in a truly extraordinary vision the living image of the trial He was pleased to prepare for us in advance.

Papa was on a trip for several days and was not expected to return for



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