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[20v°] told her what I had just seen. To calm me down, Marie said it was no doubt Victoire who hid her head in her apron to frighten me, but when asked about it, Victoire said she hadn’t left her kitchen. Besides, I was very sure I’d seen a man and this man [5] had Papa’s appearance. Then all three of us went behind the screen of trees, but when we found no mark indicating the passage of anyone, you told me to think no more about it.

It was not within my power to think no more about it. Very often my imagination presented again the mysterious scene I had witnessed. Very often, too, [10] I tried to lift the veil that was hiding its meaning from me because I kept in the bottom of my heart the conviction that this vision had a meaning which was one day to be revealed to me. That day was a long time in coming; but after fourteen years God Himself tore away the mysterious veil.

I had permission to be with Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart,43 and we were talking as [15] always about the things of the other life and our childhood memories. I recalled to her the vision I had seen at the age of six or seven, and all of a sudden, while I was describing the details of the strange scene, we understood simultaneously what it meant. It was indeed Papa whom I had seen advancing, bent over with age. It was indeed Papa, who was bearing on his venerable countenance and [20] white hair the symbol of his glorious trial.44 Just as the adorable Face of Jesus was veiled during His Passion, so the face of His faithful servant had to be veiled in the days of his sufferings in order that it might shine in the heavenly Fatherland near its Lord, the Eternal Word!

It is from the midst of this ineffable glory where he reigns in heaven that our dear Father obtained for us the grace to understand the vision



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