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Ms A 21v

[21v°] to the great men of the government, they would take him to make him King, and then France would be happy as it had never been before. But in the bottom of my heart I was happy that it was only myself who [5] knew Papa well, for if he became King of France and Navarre, I knew he would be unhappy because this is the lot of all monarchs; but above all he would no longer be my King alone!

I was six or seven years old when Papa brought us to Trouville. Never will I [10] forget the impression the sea made upon me; I couldn’t take my eyes off it since its majesty, the roaring of its waves, everything spoke to my soul of God’s grandeur and power. I recall during the walk on the seashore a man and a woman were looking at me as I ran [15] ahead of Papa. They came and asked him if I were his little daughter and said I was a very pretty little girl. Papa said, “Yes,” but I noticed the sign he made to them not to pay me any compliments. It was the first time I’d heard it said I was pretty and this pleased me as I didn’t think I was. You always [20] took great care, Mother, to allow me to come in contact with nothing that could destroy my innocence, and you saw to it, too, that I heard nothing capable of giving rise to vanity in my heart. As I listened to what you and Marie said, and as you had never directed any compliments to me, I gave no great importance to the words or admiring glances of this woman.


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