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[22r°] In the evening at that moment when the sun seems to bathe itself in the immensity of the waves, leaving a luminous trail behind, I went and sat down on the huge rock with Pauline. Then I recalled the touching story of the “Golden Trail.” I contemplated [5] this luminous trail for a long time. It was to me the image of God’s grace shedding its light across the path the little white-sailed vessel had to travel. And near Pauline, I made the resolution never to wander far away from the glance of Jesus in order to travel peacefully toward the eternal shore!

My life passed by tranquilly and happily. The affection with which I was [10] surrounded at Les Buissonnets helped me grow. I was undoubtedly big enough now to commence the struggle, to commence knowing the world and the miseries with which it was filled.

Iwas eight and a half when Léonie left boarding school and I replaced her at the Abbey. I have often heard it said that the time spent at [15] school is the best and happiest of one’s life. It wasn’t this way for me. The five years I spent in school were the saddest in my life, and if I hadn’t had Céline with me, I couldn’t have remained there and would have become sick in a month. The poor little flower had become accustomed to burying her fragile roots in [20] a chosen soil made purposely for her. It seemed hard for her to see herself among flowers of all kinds with roots frequently indelicate; and she had to find in this common soil the food necessary for her sustenance!

You had instructed me so well, dear Mother, that when I went to boarding school I was the most advanced of the children of my age. I was placed, as a result, in



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