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Ms A 22v

[22v°] a class where the pupils were all older than I. One of them was about thirteen or fourteen and she wasn’t too intelligent, but she was really adept at influencing the students and even the teachers. When she noticed I was so young, almost always first in the class, and loved by all the Sisters, [5] she experienced a jealousy pardonable in a student. She made me pay in a thousand ways for my little successes.

As I was timid and sensitive by nature, I didn’t know how to defend myself and was content to cry without saying a word and without complaining even to you about what I was suffering. I didn’t have enough [10] virtue, however, to rise above these miseries of life, so my poor little heart suffered very much. Each evening I was back at home, fortunately, and then my heart expanded. I would jump up on Papa’s lap, telling him about the marks they were giving me, and his kiss made me forget my [15] troubles. How happy I was to announce the results of my first composition, one in sacred history, where I missed getting the maximum grade by one point only, and this because I didn’t know the name of Moses’ father. I was then the first and was wearing a beautiful silver badge. Papa rewarded me by giving me a pretty little coin worth [20] four sous. I placed it in a box which was to receive a new coin of the same value every Thursday. It was from this box that I drew my offerings on the big feasts when there were special collections for the Propagation of the Faith or similar works. Pauline, delighted with her little student’s success, gave her a



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