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[23v°] the rosary together, using their fingers in order to screen their devotion from the inquisitive public; however, one day the younger hermit forgot herself completely: having received a piece of cake for lunch, she made a big sign of the Cross over it before eating it, causing [5] people to laugh.

Cousin Marie and I were always of the same opinion and our tastes were so much the same that once our union of wills passed all bounds. Returning one evening from the Abbey, I said to Marie: “Lead me, I’m going to close my eyes.” “I want to close mine too,” she replied. [10] No sooner said than done; without arguing, each did her will. We were on a sidewalk and there was nothing to fear from vehicles; having savored the delights of walking without seeing, the two little scamps fell together on some cases placed at the door of a store, or rather [15] they tipped them over. The merchant came out in a rage to lift up his merchandise, while the two blind ones lifted themselves up alone and walked off at great strides, eyes wide open, listening to the just reproaches of Jeanne who was as angry as the merchant! To punish us she decided to separate us, and since that day [20] Marie and Céline went together while I made the trip with Jeanne. This put an end to our great union of wills. And this wasn’t a bad idea since the two older ones, Jeanne and Céline, were never of the same opinion and used to argue all the way home. Peace was then complete.

I have said nothing of my close relationship with Céline and


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