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[24r°] if I had to recount everything I would never come to an end. At Lisieux the roles had changed, for Céline had become a naughty little rascal and Thérèse was no longer anything but a sweet little girl, much given to crying. This did not prevent Céline [5] and Thérèse from loving each other more and more, but at times there were little arguments. These were not of a serious nature and basically they were both of the same mind. I can truly say that never did my little sister cause me any trouble, but was always a ray of sunshine for me, giving me much joy and consolation. Who can [10] say with what intrepidity she defended me at the Abbey when I was accused of something? She took such a good care of my health that I was wearied with her at times. What never wearied me, though, was to see her at play. She arranged our group of little dolls and conducted class like a truly clever teacher. [15] She took care that her girls were always good, while mine were often put out of class because of bad behavior. She used to tell me all the new things she had just learned in class, which amused me very much; I looked upon her as a fountain of knowledge.

I had received the name: “Céline’s little girl,” [20] and when she was irritated with me, her greatest sign of displeasure was to say: “You’re no longer my little girl; that’s over with, and I’ll always remember it!” All I had to do was to start crying like a Magdalene, begging her to consider me still as her “little girl.” Very soon she kissed me and promised me to remember nothing. To console me once she took one of her dolls and



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