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Ms A 24v

[24v°] said: “My dear, embrace your Aunt!” The doll was in such a rush to embrace me tenderly that her two little arms went up my nose. Céline, who hadn’t done it purposely, looked at me stupefied; the doll was dangling from my nose. Aunt, of course, was not long in warding [5] off the excessively tender embraces of her niece and began laughing heartily at such a strange incident.

It was most amusing to see us buying our New Year’s presents together at the bazaar, carefully staying out of each other’s way. Having ten sous to spend, we had to buy at least five or six different objects, and the [10] contest was to see who would buy the most beautiful things. Delighted with our purchases, we waited impatiently for the first day of the year in order to offer each other our magnificent presents. The one who awakened before the other rushed to wish her a Happy New Year, and then they gave each other the gifts; each went into ecstasy over the treasures we bought for ten sous!

[15] These little gifts afforded us almost as much pleasure as Uncle’s beautiful presents. But this was only the beginning of these joys. That day we were dressed as quickly as possible, and then we were on the watch to jump up on Papa’s neck; as soon as he came out of his room our shrieks of joy resounded through the whole house and this poor little Father appeared happy to [20] see us so content. The gifts Marie and Pauline gave their little girls also gave them great joy, though the gifts had no great value. Ah! it was because we were not blasé at this age; our soul in all its freshness was expanding like a flower content to receive the morning’s dew. Our petals were swayed by the same breeze; what gave one joy or pain did



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