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[25r°] exactly the same to the other. Yes, our joys were in common. I felt this especially on the beautiful day when Céline made her First Communion. I wasn’t going to the Abbey as yet because I was only seven, but I have preserved a very sweet memory of the preparation [5] you, my dear Mother, had Céline make. You took her, each evening, on your knees and spoke to her of the great action she was about to perform; I listened eagerly in order to prepare myself also, but very often you told me to go away as I was too little. Then my heart was very heavy and I thought [10] four years was not too long to prepare to receive God.

One evening, I heard you say that from the time one received one’s First Communion, one had to commence living a new life, and I immediately made the resolution not to wait for that day but to commence the very same time as Céline. Never had I felt I loved her as much [15] as I did during her three-day retreat; for the first time in my life, I was separated from her and I didn’t sleep in her bed. The first day, forgetting she was not going to return, I kept a small bunch of cherries that Papa had brought me in order to eat them with her. When I didn’t see her returning home, I was really sad. Papa [20] consoled me by saying he would take me the next day to the Abbey to see my Céline and that I would give her another bunch of cherries! The day of Céline’s First Communion left me with an impression similar to my own First Communion. When awakening in the morning all alone in the big bed, I felt inundated with joy. “It’s today! The great day has arrived.” I



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