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Ms A 29r

[29r°] was not allowed to approach my soul nor my mind except to inspire me with very great fears of certain things, for example, very simple remedies they tried in vain to make me accept. But although God permitted the devil to come near me, [5] He also sent me visible angels. Marie was always by my bedside, taking care of me and consoling me with a mother’s tenderness. Never did she show the slightest sign of annoyance, and still I gave her a lot of trouble, not even allowing her to be away from me. She had to go and eat her meals with Papa, but I never [10] stopped calling her all the time she was away. Victoire, who was taking care of me, was at times obliged to go and get my dear “Mama” as I was calling her. When Marie wanted to go out, it had to be either to attend Mass or to go to see Pauline, and then I said nothing.

Uncle and Aunt were very good to me; dear little [15] Aunt came every day to visit me and brought a thousand goodies. Other friends of the family came to visit me also, but I begged Marie to tell them I wanted no visits. It displeased me to “see people seated around my bed LIKE A ROW OF ONIONS, looking at me as though I were a strange beast.” The only visit I liked was that of Uncle and Aunt.

[26] Since this sickness, I cannot express how much my affection for them has increased. I understand better than ever before that they were not just ordinary relatives to us. Ah! this poor little Father was very right when he spoke the words I have just written, and repeated them so often. Later on he was to experience that he wasn’t wrong, and so now from heaven he ought to protect and bless those who gave him such devoted care and attention. I, still an exile on earth and not knowing how to show my gratitude, have [30] only one means of consoling myself and that is by praying for these relatives whom I love and who were and still remain so good to me!

[20] Léonie was also very kind to me. She tried to amuse me as well as she could. I sometimes caused her some pain as she was easily able to see that Marie could be replaced by no one.

And dear Céline, what did she not do for her Thérèse? On Sundays, instead of going out for a walk, she would close herself in for hours to be with a poor little girl who was like an idiot. Really,



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