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Ms A 34v

[34v°] usual they sent me out to take some fresh air or to rest in the infirmary. I saw my dear Céline coming to the Abbey. She had obtained permission to come and see me, in spite of the retreat, to give me a holy picture which pleased me very much. It was “The little flower of the Divine Prisoner.” Oh! how sweet it was [5] to receive this souvenir from Céline’s hand! How many thoughts of love had I not experienced through it!

On the evening of the great day, I received absolution for the second time. My general confession left a great peace in my soul, and God did not permit the lightest cloud to come and trouble me. In the afternoon, I begged [10] pardon from the whole family who came to see me, but I wasn’t able to speak except through my tears, so much was I moved. Pauline wasn’t there, but I felt she was near me in spirit. She had sent me a beautiful holy picture through Marie, and I never grew tired of admiring it or showing it to others to admire! I had written Father Pichon [15] to recommend myself to his prayers and to tell him that soon I would be a Carmelite and he would be my director. (This is what happened four years later, since it was to him I opened my soul.) Marie gave me a letter from him, and my happiness was complete! All these good things came to me together. What pleased me [20] very much in his letter was this sentence: “Tomorrow, I will ascend the altar to say Mass for you and your Pauline!” Pauline and Thérèse were becoming more and more united on May 8 since Jesus seemed to be joining them together and flooding them with His graces.

The “beautiful day of days” finally arrived. The smallest details of that heavenly day have left unspeakable memories in my soul! The joyous awakening at dawn, the respectful embraces of the teachers and our


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