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[35v°] in my soul, and hadn’t Mama taken her place there a long time ago? Thus in receiving Jesus’ visit, I received also Mama’s. She blessed me and rejoiced at my happiness. I was not crying because of Pauline’s absence. I would have been happy to see her by [5] my side, but for a long time I had accepted my sacrifice of her. On that day, joy alone filled my heart and I united myself to her who gave herself irrevocably to Him who gave Himself so lovingly to me!

In the afternoon, it was I who made the Act of Consecration to the Blessed Virgin. It was only right that I speak in the name of my companions to my Mother in heaven, I who [10] had been deprived at such an early age of my earthly Mother. I put all my heart into speaking to her, into consecrating myself to her as a child throwing itself into the arms of its mother, asking her to watch over her. It seems to me the Blessed Virgin must have looked upon her little flower and smiled at her, for wasn’t it she who cured her with a visible smile? Had she not placed [15] in the heart of her little flower her Jesus, the Flower of the Fields and the Lily of the valley?

In the evening of that beautiful day, I found myself once more with my family. Already in the morning at the Mass, I had embraced Papa and all my relatives. But now this was the real reunion and Papa took the hand of his little Queen and brought her to Carmel. There I saw my Pauline who had become the spouse of Jesus; I [20] saw her with her white veil, one like mine, and her crown of roses. Ah! my joy was without any bitterness. I hoped to be with her soon and to await heaven with her! I was not indifferent to the family feast which took place the night of my First Communion. The beautiful watch my King gave me was the cause of great pleasure, but my joy was tranquil and nothing came to disturb my interior peace. Marie took me with her into her room on the night which followed this beautiful day, for the most brilliant days are followed by darkness; only the day of the first, the unique,



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