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[37r°] to commence. It was my dear little Léonie who acted as my godmother, and she was so much moved that she was unable all through the ceremony to hold back her tears. She received Holy Communion with me, for I had the happiness on that beautiful day to unite myself with Jesus.

[5] After these delightful and unforgettable feasts, my life returned to its ordinary course, that is, I had to take up again life as a boarder and this was very painful. At the time of my First Communion, I loved this association with children of my own age, filled with good will, having made like myself the resolution of practicing virtue seriously. But now I had to come in contact with [10] students who were much different, distracted, and unwilling to observe regulations, and this made me very unhappy. I had a happy disposition, but I didn’t know how to enter into games of my age level; often during the recreations, I leaned against a tree and studied my companions at a distance, giving myself up to serious reflections! I had invented a game which pleased me, and it was to bury the poor little [15] birds we found dead under the trees. Many of the students wanted to help me, and so our cemetery became very beautiful, planted with trees and flowers in proportion to the size of our little feathered friends.

I loved, too, to tell stories I made up as they came into my mind, and my companions gathered round me eagerly, and even the older ones mingled at times in the crowd of listeners. [20] The same story lasted for several days, for I liked to make it more and more interesting when I saw the impressions it produced and which were evident on my companions’ faces. Soon the mistress forbade me to continue in my role as orator, for she preferred to see us playing and running and not discussing.

I grasped easily the meaning of things I was learning, but I had trouble learning things word for word. As far as catechism was concerned, I received permission to learn it during my recreation periods


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