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Ms A 47v

[47v°] custom (I didn’t read Papa’s books), I asked to read it.

This reading was one of the greatest graces in my life. I read it by the window of my study, and the impressions I received are too deep to express in human words.

[5] All the great truths of religion, the mysteries of eternity, plunged my soul into a state of joy not of this earth. I experienced already what God reserved for those who love Him (not with the eye but with the heart), and seeing the eternal rewards had no proportion to life’s small sacrifices, I wanted to love, to love [10] Jesus with a passion, giving Him a thousand proofs of my love while it was possible. I copied out several passages on perfect love, on the reception God will give His Elect at the moment He becomes their Reward, great and eternal, and I repeated over and over the words of love burning in my heart.

Céline had become the [15] confidante of my thoughts. Ever since Christmas we could understand each other; the distance of age no longer existed because I had grown in both height and grace. Before this epoch I’d often complained at not knowing Céline’s secrets, and she told me I was too little, that I’d have to grow “as high as a stool” so that [20] she could have confidence in me. I loved climbing up on that precious stool when I was standing by her side and telling her to speak intimately to me; but all to no avail, a distance separated us still!

Jesus, wanting to have us advance together, formed bonds in our hearts stronger than blood. He made us become spiritual sisters, and in us were realized the words of St. John of the Cross’ Canticle (speaking to her Spouse, the bride exclaims):

       Following Your footprints
       Maidens run lightly along the way;
       The touch of

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